BAI Learning Manager


The BAI Learning Manager is designed to streamline creating, managing and tracking your compliance training and professional development programs.

Create and assign curricula

Assign training curricula based on job function, hire date and location with the click of a button. Curricula can also be copied from one year to the next, with the click of a button.

Gain Access to Robust Reporting

Standard and custom reports can be created and easily exported for audits and federal examinations.

Track all Training

All BAI courses can easily be tracked in the BAI Learning Manager, but our technology also enables the tracking of all instructor-led training, webinars and policy and procedures acknowledgements. Training administrators can manage all training in one location.

Design Custom Courses

Modify existing BAI courses or create new courses that better reflect your financial institutions’ policies and procedures.

Manage Performance

Engage managers in staff development with the ability to assign and review training of their team members.

Automate Reminders and Notifications

Save time with automated email reminders to ensure students complete their training on time and are aware if training is past due.

Share Information with Employees

Utilize the Knowledge Center, Communities and Survey functionality to ensure your employees are fully engaged in your compliance training program by taking advantage of all the functionality the BAI Learning Manager has to offer.

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