BAI Retail Delivery 2014
11/12/2014 8:00 AM -
11/14/2014 5:00 PM CST
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois
Standard Price: $1,995
Enterprise Member Price: $1,795
Gain unique perspectives from global thought leaders, from inside and outside the retail banking industry. This highly engaging, interactive event focuses on resolving key challenges and identifying new opportunities for better growth and profitability.
Changing the Game in Fraud Detection – Where Next After EMV?
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST
Is EMV the silver bullet for fraud? Staying ahead of global fraud is a never-ending battle. As security technology for electronic transactions evolves, so does the sophistication of attacks. How will fraud change after EMV, and how is your bank or credit union thinking about fraud systems in relation to EMV adoption? Examine the most pressing questions around fraud detection and prevention with two of the foremost experts from Alaric, an NCR company. Learn what the move to EMV really means, how to balance security and user experience, and how to change your game to stay a step ahead of the bad guys.

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Future Branching at Citibank  
By Kenneth Cline
Citbank’s Brad Dinsmore says future branches need to be generally smaller than current models and staffed by better-trained, more versatile employees.
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According to a recent Federal Financial Analytics Inc. analysis, financial reforms cost the six largest U.S. banks $70.2 billion between the end of 2007 and the end of 2013.
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U.S. Bank in Minneapolis is piloting a mobile photo app for the iPad that allows consumers to apply for its Minnesota Twins-branded credit cards by taking pictures of their drivers' licenses.
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As the Federal Reserve continues tapering and moves toward increasing short-term rates, executives at big and regional banks say they expect large outflows of deposits next year, as customers seek better returns on their cash holdings.
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